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Innovative Technologies
has extensive experience potting and encapsulating electronic components for OEM's and the electronic industries.

We use a wide range of epoxies, polyurethanes and silicones to meet our customers requirements.

Potting, encapsulating and conformal coating protects our customers electronic assemblies used in applications that expose them to a wide variety of harsh conditions, such as water, pressure, extreme temperatures, corrosive or solvent elements and those requiring high dielectric protection.

We also pot or encapsulate our customers electronic assemblies for security, to protect the integrity of their circuit boards.

With our extensive experience in both master and mold making, we are able to provide encapsulated parts that are the complete finished electronic package for our customers needs.

Innovative Technolgies
does quality potting and encapsulating and conformal coating of our customers electronic assemblies for a multitude of industries.

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