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Molded Rubber products can be found in a staggering array of applications encompassing nearly every single industry, manufacturing process and consumer good.

Innovative Technologies manufactures a broad range of molded rubber products that are used to seal and protect, absorb vibration, be chemical and weather resistant, and a vast variety of other uses.

Innovative Technologies formulates molded rubber products, featuring rubber to metal bonding, rubber to rubber bonding, hot and cold bonding, using both compression and transfer molding with the following materials:

Natural and synthetic rubbers- natural rubber is the strongest of all rubbers and has excellent dynamic properties such as resistance to fatigue but is less resistant to environmental damage than are some synthetic rubbers.
Viton- offers the best combination of chemical compatability, high temperature range and excellent compresion set resistance.
Neoprene- resists environmental damage, performs well in contact with oils and chemicals, useful over wide temperature range, physical toughness, resists burning, resistant to flexing and twisting damage.
EPDM- offers excellent ozone, weather and abarasion resistance, as well as low temperature capabilities.
Silicone- offers the broadest temperature range, excellent compression properties, ozone resistance, great immersion properties, low tensile strength, poor tear and wear resistance and is not compatible with gasoline.
Polyurethane- Variable hardness, various colors, tear strength increases when hardness value increases, oil and solvent resistant, functions in a wide range of temperatures, high abrasion resistance, low to high degree of rebound, fire retardant material available.

Innovative Technologies can formulate our material into a vast assortment of products that are used in an expansive range of industries for both commercial and consumer uses.

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